Identify and Close Gaps in Business Knowledge with Enabley

Identify and Close Gaps in Business Knowledge with Enabley

Enabley aligns your Customer-facing teams' skills and performance with easily delivered critical business knowledge. The Enabley training platform reshapes the way you deliver training and business education with easy content creation, a microlearning experience, personalization and real-time recommendations.

Enabley's platform transforms the way your WFH (work from home) employees acquire knowledge.

GEODI Network Graph

GEODI Network View reveals another aspect of the Big Picture

GEODI allows Lawyers, Journalists, Researchers and Executives to save time. Google and many other search engines present the search results as a list where each line corresponds to a web page or a file. This shows you the first 30 files out of, for instance, 1000 files matching your criteria, and you have to skip to the next pages to find what you look for.

SEO of your website

FREE SEO checkup from BL Consulting Ltd

What is search engine optimization or SEO (search engine optimization)? 

Often, our customers who trusted us to build or take care of their website know that it will not work even if you have even the most beautiful, functional, and modern site if it is not discoverable. How to get people and potential customers to reach you:

- Include it in your email signature

- write it on your business card (maybe a QR code)

- Make banners or upload them on posters along the highway

- ...