Retail stores and supermarket solutions

Retail stores and supermarket solutions

Business is changing! Innovation, work speed, carefully gauged trade strategies are all essential to a successful business. In order to be competitive today it is important that you employ a dependable and easy to use software.

Software solutions for restaurants and fast food establishments
You know how important prompt and qualitative client service is! How important it is to be flexible and competitive. Most importantly you know how important it is for your business to be protected!

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VAT reporting in Bulgaria with new software and structure from February

Национална агенциа за приходите, National revenue agency

VAT Reporting in Bulgaria for January 2014 reported from 1 to 14 February should have new format of data. Changes are due to legal changes from beginning of 2014 year for reversal of tax on grain producers and so called cash-based VAT, state changes in the Rules for the implementation of the VAT Act.

New official VAT reporting software is available on the web page of National revenue agency. VAT registered companies can ask for support from for update of software from software suppliers or to contact NRA information center at 0700 18 700.

Published: 20.01.2014


Teekay Petrojarl Invests in Petrotechnics’ Proscient™

Teekay Petrojarl Invests in Petrotechnics’ Proscient

Aberdeen, 10 September – Petrotechnics, the global leader in transforming frontline operational performance and lowering operational risk announced today that Teekay Petrojarl has awarded it the contract to deploy Proscient™ across its global fleet.

Following a comprehensive competitive review, Teekay Petrojarl has awarded Petrotechnics a two million euro contract to deploy Proscient™ across all of their assets worldwide. Petrotechnics will provide dynamic, industry leading work management tools to support Teekay Petrojarl’s goal of creating a standardised approach to work management across their global operations. This will provide a common method of increasing work management efficiency and enhancing the organisations view of the relationship between asset risk, operational risk and control of work.

“This is a significant award for Petrotechnics and the start of a long-term relationship with an innovative and progressive company”, said Iain Mackay, Petrotechnics’ Executive Vice President. “Petrotechnics has led the safe system of work marketplace for the last decade and Teekay Petrojarl’s award represents the market moving to a solution that is more than simply permit to work,” continued Mackay.

Teekay Petrojarl, the global leader in harshwater FPSOs, currently operates within UK, Norwegian and Brazilian sectors. Petrotechnics will provide Teekay Petrojarl, with a complete and efficient permit to work, operational performance and predictive risk solutions.

“We chose to partner with Petrotechnics for implementation of our electronic Control of Work system because of their solid experience and understanding of operational risk management in our industry”, said Sverre Stenvaag, Teekay Petrojarl SVP Operations. “We believe Proscient™ will help improve the controls and efficiency of how we control work, hence reducing the risks involved in our operations. We also believe the implementation is an opportunity to consistently harmonise the way we handle central work processes such as Permit to Work and risk assessments across our fleet, while also safeguarding full compliance to regulatory requirements in all regions where we operate”.

Online Web Store WebMagazin.BG

Online Web Store WebMagazin.BG

A successful internal project of BL Consulting Ltd with all you need for your online sales. The project was established in 2013 focusing on massage goods - chairs, massagers - pillows, seats etc. and electronics equipment. Further due to increased interest the shop sells goods for medical care - bloodpreasuer measurers, wheight measurers, sugar level measurers etc.

Visit the website: