Is SEO Marketing the same as Direct marketing and is it more effective?

What is SEO? These are techniques related to web design and manipulation of the content of a site designed to show closer to the first results in the search engines compared to the competition or anything to any other sites that search engines returned in the same keywords. Abbreviation comes from Search-engine optimization.


There are several reasons why many people confuse SEO with direct marketing. First, they think that after leading SEO clients seeking your products or services directly to you, this is direct marketing. Deception! - Any advertising aims to connect directly with customers ...


Epicor 9 launches in Romania

Epicor 9 was officially launched in Romania on 16th of March 2010. Many customers, prospects and partners attended the event.

Redefining ERP Software: Epicor is introducing a new approach to the way enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and business software solutions are designed, built, and used. We've redefined ERP software to maximize productivity in every area

of the organization. Explore this multimedia demo to find a newfound sense of collaboration, compatibility and results with Epicor’s ERP software.

Lawson Software to Acquire Healthvision

Connecting Disparate Clinical, Financial and Operational Source Systems is Cornerstone of Healthcare IT Reform
Lawson announced on January 7, 2010, it has agreed to acquire privately held Healthvision, a Dallas-based provider of integration technology and related services to hospitals and large healthcare organizations.

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