about BL Consulting Ltd


BL Consulting Ltd is high tech consulting company. Registered and operating on Bulgarian market since April 2003 year. We specialize in ERP&CRM implementation and consulting as well System integration of solutions from 3rd party providers. Our solutions are effective with high quality and are oriented toward our clients business.



Epicor | iScala ERP: http://www.epicor.com/www/products/iscala/ Epicor iScala is a comprehensive end-to-end suite of proven industry-specific solutions for the global mid-market enterprise. From customer relationship management (CRM) and service management to financial and supply chain management (SCM), Epicor iScala provides adaptable and agile solutions for real-time enterprises, helping them address their important business challenges — today and in the future.


Ciber | Ascent CRM: http://www.ciber.com/uk/solutions/crm/ascent/ Ascent for CRM is an enterprise wide customer relationship management system. It’s highly flexible functionality manages the traditional points of interaction with the audiences in your marketplace through sales, marketing and support applications whilst a unique ability to integrate data and processes from other systems in your organization also provides a single, consistent view of a customer, crucial to supporting any effective relationship management strategy.


Healtvision | Cloverleaf IS http://www.healthvision.com/ - The Cloverleaf® Integration Suite is proven, reliable integration technology designed to outmaneuver expensive point-to-point applications. The suite seamlessly exchanges information among various software applications, data repositories and information technology systems, within and outside an enterprise. It gives clinicians, administrators, staff and external partners the power to share clinical, financial and administrative data in real-time regardless of where it lives and what format it's in.


Media Solutions | Contract for Media: http://www.media-sol.com/software/contract - Contract for Media is a fully integrated multi-user advertising management, CRM, and billing software system designed for content/media companies. Our advertising software is designed to streamline the business processes associated with managing advertising customers and their ad placements and sponsorships in print, online, on-air, and events. Contract's modularity and modern technology ensures that it interfaces well with existing your existing software systems and business process. Contract is fully integrated with Microsoft Office, many financial applications, and production systems. Contract's core usefulness and tight integration with other systems result is a significant improvement in organizational efficiency and optimized revenue generation for any type of advertising-driven company.

Media Solutions | Naxos Digital Archive:  http://www.media-sol.com/software/naxos - Naxos Archive is a sophisticated file management system for all of your organization's digital assets. It automatically captures, tags, and catalogs digital files from many sources including: email accounts, ftp sites, local directories on computers on your network, news agency feeds, photo agencies, stock photo banks, RSS feeds, blogs, and many others. You specify your sources and Naxos will capture that content, tag it, index it, and automatically archive it. You'll always have access to those assets instantly via any web browser. Never lose another file or waste another second wondering which colleague knows where a particular asset is kept. You will have the full scope of your company's content and digital assets at your fingertips.