Cloverleaf Integration Suite






Integration You Can Believe In

Integration is the enabler the blueprint for communication between systems, people and enterprises. Healthcare organizations understand how integrated, real-time environments, in which clinicians, administrators and financial professionals have access to the data they need when they need it, can benefit their facilities and their customers. These professionals are urgently seeking integration solutions that circumvent the need to create custom, point-to-point interfaces that are quickly outmoded and are difficult to implement, scale and support over time.


The Cloverleaf® Integration Suite is proven, reliable integration technology designed to outmaneuver expensive point-to-point applications. The suite seamlessly exchanges information among various software applications, data repositories and information technology systems, within and outside an enterprise. It gives clinicians, administrators, staff and external partners the power to share clinical, financial and administrative data in real-time regardless of where it lives and what format it's in.

Cloverleaf Integration Suite users can:

  • Respond to regulatory and competitive changes
  • Lower the costs of ownership
  • Extend the value of legacy systems and applications
  • Accelerate implementation


The power and foundation delivered by Cloverleaf Integration Suite is strengthened by the unparalleled expertise and experience of the industry's leading customer support team. For more than a decade, Healthvision has been the recognized leader in providing powerful, affordable integration solutions and support to healthcare and public sector organizations. Integration always has been and always will be a Healthvision core competency.


Connected by Cloverleaf®






The Connected by Cloverleaf program includes thousands of hospitals, IDNs and other leading healthcare IT vendors who use the Cloverleaf Integration Suite of products as the backbone for their hospital system integration, work flow and secure data access and compliance needs. Click here to learn which leading healthcare application vendors participate in the program and use the Cloverleaf Integration Suite in their healthcare IT offerings.