Epicor iScala


Epicor iScala is a business solution designed for the worldwide divisions and subsidiaries of multinational corporations and large local or regional companies that may have significant cross-border trading requirements.  The software includes integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), supply chain, Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), field service, project management, payroll and other capabilities, all built on a collaborative business Microsoft .NET and Web services-based framework.

iScala combines country-specific localizations and multi-language capabilities with leading capabilities to support global, multi-company or multi-site business models that need to collaborate with customers, suppliers, sister organisations or other partners to achieve operational  and business excellence.  With specialised out-of-the-box functionality, iScala will help your company achieve competitive advantage in industry segments including Chemical and Pharmaceutical, Industrial Machinery, Light Engineering, Electronics, Automotive Components, Consumer Packaged Goods and Hospitality.

Companies may standardize their plants and operating divisions on a centralized or distributed model of iScala, while supporting country specific localizations and languages at each site.  Through either model corporate headquarters achieve consistent visibility of information and operations, as well as supporting the global implementation of common procedures, practices and controls.

The integration capabilities supplied with iScala enable you to configure business processes and connect with your internal and external supply chain for visibility and automated trading, thereby reducing operational costs, improving turnaround times and providing supply and demand information to help make business decisions with confidence.

iScala’s comprehensive functional depth and breadth, from customer management through manufacturing to after-sales, will enable you to rapidly implement and automate key processes for your industry anywhere in the world.