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Hyatt Regency in Bulgaria

Hyatt Regency in Bulgaria

The first Hyatt Regency Hotel in Bulgaria will be built in Sofia at the site of the former cinema "Serdika" and is expected to open in 2018. Construction will be carried out in partnership with the Bulgarian company. Hyatt Hotels Corporation is a leading global hotel company with a portfolio of 12 brands and 652 properties in 53 countries. Projections indicate that the subject will attract the interest of more foreign visitors, including longtime guests of the chain of event and congress tourism as well as cultural and historical city tours in the capital.

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One of the largest hotel chains in the world - "Hayat" enters Bulgaria with high-class hotel in the city center. This was announced today at a meeting between the Minister of Tourism Nikolina Angelkova Mr. Takuya Aoyama, vice president for development of the "Hyatt" for Europe, Africa and the Middle East and Mr. Lachezar Todorov, CEO of "Terra Tour Service" partner Bulgarian side.

"The hotel chain is very high class and will give a new impetus to the development of tourism our sector," he said earlier today Minister Angelkova told reporters. She reported that the Ministry of Tourism in talks with several large chains, which also consider entry into the country. "Even with the creation of self ministry, the main goal for us was to attract large investors and proven brands that will bring in its wake more and more wealthy tourists," said Nikolina Angelkova.

"We are working for the realization of this investment plan over seven years, but we believe that now has come the right time," said Lachezar Todorov. He stressed that it is very important that already has its own Ministry of Tourism, which coordinates the work in the sector, while there is a strong ambition and commitment of the management of "Hayat" with this project. "Bulgaria welcomes many tourists and we want them to stay longer here, which will offer them the best services and facilities," said Takuya Aoyama.

Original source in Bulgarian from: http://www.tourism.government.bg/bg/kategorii/novini/ministur-angelkova-svetovna-hotelska-veriga-vliza-na-bulgarskiya-pazar

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